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About the site

The “Transboundary Altai” is as official site of International Coordinating Council “Our common home - Altai”. The decision to create a site was taken at the first meeting of ICC Altai in April 2003.

The aim of the site is to create a common informational space for the regions of Greater Altai (Altai region, the Altai Republic of Russia, East-Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan, Khovd and Bayan Olgii provinces of Mongolia and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China).

Cross border cooperation of Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia are determined by historical preconditions. During many centuries the vast mountainous and steepe territory of Greater Altai was interconnected by cultural, ethnic, trade and economic, political, and migration ties.

Unfortunately, because of intense globalization we easily get information about distant foreign countries but know nothing about our neighbors in boundary regions and states. This is the reason why we created the “Transboundary Altai” site aimed to facilitate information exchange among the inhabitants of Greater Altai to strengthen business, partner, and friendly relations. Thanks to this resource people can get familiar with the life style of their neighbors, find interesting events to participate. All this information is published in the News section of the site.

The section “Region” contains the short presentation of the regions, their emblem, photos, and information on media and resources.

Here you can also find publications, conferences and projects reports, concerning different aspects of interregional and interstate cooperation within Greater Altai in Central Asia as a whole. These informational materials may be of high concern for international relations specialists and everyone else interested in this topic.

To create a common legal framework of the cross-border cooperation we presented at the site all bilateral and multilateral agreements concluded between Russia, Kazakhstan, China, or Mongolia. This section may also be useful for entrepreneurs because it contains information necessary for effective international economic activity.

The section “Council” tells about International Coordinating Council “Our common home - Altai”.



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People’s Government of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of PRC

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Council of Rectors


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