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Altai region

Altai region is a subject of the Russian Federation. The region has a common border with Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions, and the Altai Republic. Besides, Altai region shares border with Pavlodar and East Kazakhstan regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Its territory is 168 thousand square kilometers. According to this parameter the region ranks 24th in Russia and 10th in the Siberian Federal District. Altai landscapes vary a lot depending on location. The region has steepes in the west and mountains in the south. Significant territory of the region is covered by the pine forests. The region also has significant natural resource stocks of polymetallic and iron ores, nickel, cobalt, table salt, soda, coal, and precious metals. The climate is continental.

According to Rosstat, the population of Altai region is 2 376 774. The share of urban population is 56,18%. The density of population is 14 people per 1 square kilometer.

Representatives of 110 nationalities live in Altai region: Russians - 90%, Germans - 3.9%, Ukrainians - 2.9%, Belarusians - 0.4%, Kazakhs - 0.4%, Mordovians - 0.3% , Tatars - 0.3%, Chuvashes - 0.3%, others - 1.5%. An official language is Russian. Barnaul as the capital of Altai region (population of about 635,585 people, as of 2016) is considered to be a business, commercial, cultural, scientific and educational center of the region.

Symbols of Altai region

Flag of Altai region

Emblem of Altai region

Investment attractiveness of Altai region

Altai region is a large industrial and agricultural region. These economic sectors as well as trade comprise 62% of the gross regional product.

The most important sectors of economic activity in industry are food production, machine industry including construction of wagons, boilers, engines, agricultural machine and electrical equipment building; coke industry, manufacture of rubber and plastic products, chemical industry. Altai region is one of the largest food producers in Russia.

Altai region has the largest in Russia cultivation area (7 million hectares). Area under corps is the first largest in Russia. The main sectors in agriculture are corn farming, animal breeding, and fodder production. Moreover the region is famous for maral breeding and beekeeping. Altai region is the only region in Russia from the Pacific to the Urals that has been producing sunflowers and sugar beet (sales cropping).

Altai region is located at the intersection of transcontinental transit freight and passenger flows, in close proximity to major industrial and resource regions. The highways connecting Russia with Mongolia and Kazakhstan and the railway connecting Central Asia with the Trans-Siberian Railway are located go through the territory of Altai region. Its advantageous geographical location enhance active development of international and interregional economic and trade liaisons.

Recreational potential, favorable climate of the south of Western Siberia and historical and cultural heritage create conditions for development of tourism at the territory of Altai region.

Informational resources


http://www.altairegion22.ru/ - Official site of the authorities of Altai region

http://www.katun24.ru/ - Regional informational channel “Katun24”

http://www.ap22.ru/ - “Altaiskaya pravda” newspaper

Institutions of education

Алтайский государственный университет – Altai State University

Алтайский государственный аграрный университет Altai State Agricultural University

Алтайский государственный медицинский университет Altai State Medical University

Алтайский государственный технический университет им. И.И. Ползунова Altai State Polytechnical University

Алтайская государственная академия культуры и искусств Altai State Academy of Arts and Culture

Алтайский государственный педагогический университетAltai State Pedagogical University

Scientific centers

http://www.iwep.ru/ - Институт водных и экологических проблем Institute for Water and Environmental Problems

Промышленность, сельское хозяйство, бизнес - Industry, agriculture, business

http://www.alttpp.ru/ - Алтайская торгово-промышленная палата Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Altai region

Traditions, holidays and festivals